What We Do



We are entering the era of Sensor Network 2.0 platform whereby we are able stream our Sense and Motion data via the 5G network and to be connected physically, interactively via the virtual network. The changing needs to happen NOW.


Why Surfwheel & how to use it?

Surfwheel is our creation to mimic surfing on land. Our team started to think why can't we enable surfing simulation indoor. We took the challenge and created the first 2D moving platform in March 2019.

We will enable Unity SDK to connect most of the board/surfing games on the market. Click here for DEMO.


All Surfwheels are SEMSE.lIVE enabled

We are pursuing to make the whole range of 5" Surfwheels SEMSE.LIVE enabled. At the same time, we are working to create the world first indoor VR walk/run pad that is simulated with similar mechanism as the Surfwheel and SEMSE.LIVE 2D/4D pad.